All 4 Re:set Experiences Editorial

All 4 Re:set Experiences Editorial

by Lexi Burgess

Based in the heart of Lancaster City, Re:set is a state of the art wellness centre that offers a number of therapies that have spiritual, mental, and physical benefits. Before visitng Re:set, I had little to no concept of how an Infrared Sauna or a Himalayan Salt Room could benefit me and improve my state of mind. I arrived at Re:set a few minutes early, and I was greeted by friendly smiles from Lois and Neil who told me to put my feet up in the plush and luxurious reception area. Whilst Neil was brewing my matcha green tea for me, he was happy to chat about the therapies Re:set offer, and here it became clear that the enthusiastic and well-informed staff are part of the package you pay for at Re:set.

        Re:set’s journey began years ago when the owner Neil, overworked, overwrought, and tired of the stresses of everyday life taking a toll on his body and mind, came up with the concept of the mental health gym of the future. From there Re:set has flourished into a wellness centre with a diverse client base that ranges from manual workers to pregnant women to corporate executives. Even a few famous faces, such as Bradley Wiggins, have passed through Re:set’s doors.

It is no surprise that Re:set attracts people from all walks of life. Their therapies, which include Halo, Infrared, Float, and Massage therapy, each have wide-reaching benefits that cover everything from mental clarity to improving cardiovascular function and combatting chronic back pain. Still, I was sceptical as to whether their therapies could benefit me, given that I have no long-term ailments.

First, I tried the Himalayan Salt Room. Four plush white leather chairs sit in each corner of the Salt Room, complete with matching footstools. Neil explained that there is a halo generator behind the Himalayan Salt rocks embedded in the wall. The generator grinds the salt into microscopic pieces that are then pushed out into the room. At Re:set, you get the sense that the staff have thought of everything; once I was seated and fully reclined in my plush chair, I was given a Kindle and my own set of headphones. Then, I was left to my own devices.

As soon the generator began, I felt the atmosphere shift. You will get the best benefits from the Himalayan Salt room by breathing deeply. At Re:set, all of the therapies are multi-functional, and although the Himalayan Salt Room primarily combats respiratory problems, the salt in the air also drys your skin which can improve conditions such as psoriasis, acne, and eczema.

       In a world where our concept of self-improvement means adding more and more things to our to do lists, it was refreshing to actively do something good for my mind and body with the only stipulation being that I had to sit back, relax, and listen to my favourite music. The forty-minute session was just long enough to feel as though I had reaped the full benefits from the halo generator, and I walked out of the Himalayan Salt Room feeling less congested, better rested, and more awake than when I arrived at Re:set.

Next, I tried the Infrared Sauna. Again, the staff at Re:set had thought of everything to transform an ordinary sauna experience into a luxurious one. Inside every individual sauna room there is the wooden sauna itself, a shower fitted with a rainfall showerhead, complimentary shampoo and body wash, and a changing area complete with a hamper containing a complimentary robe, towel, and shower slippers. Re:set sells luxury as much as it does self-improvement. No aspect of the experience is overlooked; I was delighted to be able to take Re:set’s Kindle into the sauna, and even more excited to find out that the sauna room itself has in-built speakers.

An infrared sauna is not comparable to an ordinary sauna. Whereas normal saunas use heat to warm the air, an infrared sauna targets your body, meaning that they are typically less hot. At Re:set, there is a dial fitted to each sauna so that their clients can choose how much heat they can handle. Initially, I was worried about this treatment because I overheat quite easily, but with the option to dial down the heat I was comfortable throughout the experience. I was interested to learn that the saunas at Re:set are also fitted with lights that combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the Infrared Sauna, and disappointed when the overhead light turned off, signalling the end of my forty minutes. Experiences like the sauna room, where the stresses of everyday life simply melt away, encourage you to put everything into perspective.

Thoroughly relaxed, it was then time to try the float pod. The float pod looms mysteriously large in the wellness community, hailed as the supreme treatment for your mind, body, and soul. I had reservations about float therapy because I did not think I would be able to achieve the out-of-body experience that so many others had, and because I thought, from pictures I had seen on Re:set’s Instagram, that the pods themselves looked quite small.

I was relieved to find that the pods are in fact massive, and even more relieved to see Neil demonstrate how easy it is to lift the lid of the pod. Inside, there are two buttons, one to turn the light on and off, and another that alerts the staff in case of a medical emergency. With all of my worries squashed, Neil left me to my 60-minute session.

One of Re:set’s core beliefs is that their clients will benefit most from their therapies if they turn off their phone and take a break from the fast-paced, modern world for at least the length of the treatment… but I could not help snapping a picture before I stepped into the pod. Above all else, trying a float pod is a new and exciting experience, and gave me the feeling of taking control of my spiritual and mental health. For the first ten minutes, soothing music played and I was so relaxed that I barely noticed when it had stopped. I simply continued floating. Being inside the pod was an interesting experience.

       In a sense the float pod recreates that somewhat childish feeling of being curious and willing to experiment – I spent a good chunk of time with my eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of being in the water, slowly gliding backwards and forwards, touching the bottom of the pod with my toes and the tops of my fingertips, like a giant ping pong. The float pod is such an amazing experience because the lack of other senses refocuses all of your energy back into your mind, and all of the worries and stresses inherent in our bodies just float away.

At first I used the halo, a circular disk used to steady your head in the pod. Occasionally, as I was slipping into the carefree state of mine I described before, my body’s reflex reactions panicked me, and I reached for the light switch. Throughout the entire sixty-minute experience I alternated between carefree bliss and my physiological reflex reaction to the situation. Although I did not have an interrupted session, the experience has convinced me that I hold much more stress in my body than I could have anticipated, and it has just made me more determined to continue my journey towards mental clarity. The float pod, along with the Himalayan Salt Room and the Infrared Sauna, have convinced me that mental health gyms are as important as an average gym. Interestingly, I sensed the womb-like qualities of the float pod almost instantly, and I think the idea of rebirth after float therapy is an accurate representation of how I felt after the experience.

When the treatment ended, I showered and made my way to the Beauty Room.

       The facilities at Re:set make it as easy as possible to fit the treatments around your lifestyle. Like the rest of Re:set, the Beauty Room is decorated to look modern and chic, and I enjoyed leisurely drying and straightening my hair after my treatments. When I felt well and truly rejuvenated and pampered, I made my way to the reception area and where I was again offered complimentary drinks. The staff are as eager to talk about your experience as you are, and their enthusiasm is infectious.

In the hours after my treatment, my skin felt smoother and my eyes felt brighter. I had more mental clarity than I had in the past month of worrying about essay deadlines. Of course, as the day wore on there were more things to worry about, but the anxiety of having too much to do and too little time to do it did not wind itself into my muscles as it used to. I felt utterly relaxed, and better able to go about my day compartmentalising my worries and looking at the bigger picture.

      I walked into Re;set as someone who was hesitant to relinquish even a few hours of my time to try their different therapies because of the foghorn instead my head screaming deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. Now, it is clear to me that Re:set’s treatments should not be seen as a one-off, but rather part of a larger lifestyle push towards a stronger sense of spirituality and mindfulness.