All 4 Re:set Experiences Editorial

All 4 Re:set Experiences Editorial by Lexi Burgess Based in the heart of Lancaster City, Re:set is a state of the art wellness centre that offers a number of therapies that have spiritual, mental, and physical benefits. Before visitng Re:set, I had little to no concept of how an Infrared Sauna or a Himalayan Salt […]

Katy From Roots of Life Comes to Re:Set!

I have used many different therapies over the years, but I have never experienced an infrared sauna, halotherapy (the salt room) nor a float pod. So, I was really curious to try them all and I have to say a little nervous of using the float pod as, just recently, I have experienced claustrophobia in […]

7 Ways to Reduce Work-Related Stress

The world is full of challenges at the moment and many, many people are feeling the stresses and strains of their working life, whether they’re working full time, part time, or looking for jobs. In fact, this 2020 survey found that just 1% of the UK workforce claims that they don’t suffer from work-related stress. […]